Roof Cleaning

Improve the appearance of your home and maximise the ‘kerb-appeal’ while minimising the need for any costly repairs with our residential moss removal and roof cleaning service from Crystal Clean Solutions. Our professionally trained City & Guilds certified team operate throughout Basingstoke, Reading, Guilford, Farnborough, and the surrounding areas.

Don’t be fooled into thinking you need a new roof. Because of our climate, roofs in the UK can be particularly susceptible to a build-up of dirt, algae’s, fungus, Lichens, mould, and moss, collectively called Biofilm. If left untreated, can be destructive as they directly decompose and break down roofing materials potentially damaging your roof. Not to mention that it looks unsightly!

Eliminating the need to walk over your roof, using safe techniques our services can help prevent damages, minimising the need for costly repairs. Our professional roof cleaning service will restore the beauty of your roof and can save you a serious amount of money.

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Roof Cleaning before and after
Roof Cleaning

Render Cleaning

The exterior of your property speaks volumes, restore the aesthetic beauty with CCS roof and render cleaning.

Rendered surfaces often develop red, black, and green staining caused by the colonisation of Biofilm. Not just limited to rendering, all outside masonry surfaces can be cleaned and treated including brick, heritage stone, pebbledash, and more, these can be further protected with energy saving wall coatings which are a clear finish super hydrophobic (highly water resistant) permeable coating for exterior use which can substantially reduce energy bills by up to 7% p/a.

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Roof Cleaning

Softwashing Services

Safe, effective, and affordable roof and render cleaning without destructive Jet washing.

CCS utilise SoftWash Cleaning Technology, this revolutionary system does not require the use of aggressive pressure. Pressure washing can cause damage and strip the protective surfaces to your roof and render significantly reducing their lifespan.

SoftWashing will vastly improve the appearance of the exterior surfaces of your property restoring them like new. If the roof and/or walls of your property are being taken over by Moss, Algae and other Biofilm, leaving your house looking tired and unsightly our professional roof and render cleaning service can revitalise the exterior of your property rejuvenating and preserving the natural colour and condition and further inhibiting re-growth.

Take advantage of our maintenance programme which provides regular periodic SoftWash applications and will keep your property roof and/or render perpetually clean and looking like new.

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What We Clean

Roof + Render Clean

Prevents build up of moss and other causes of damp and protect your home.

Gutter Clean

Keeps water and moss from building up and causing damage to your house.

Paving Clean

Removes tyre marks, weeds and other build ups to make your paving look as good as new.

Solar Panel Clean

Keeps your solar panels running effectively by removing dirt and other build ups.

Fascia Soffits + Cladding Clean

Removes and prevents mildew and mould build up, keeping your house looking fresh.

Window Clean

Gives your house a fresh look with crystal clean windows and surroundings.

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    Our 5-Step Process

    Our water is purified at our storage premises using the following five-step process:

    1. Water Softener: Removes Calcium
    2. Carbon Filters: Removes Chlorine
    3. Micro Sediment Filter: Removes large waterborne particles
    4. Reverse Osmosis: Produces filtered water up to 98% purity
    5. De-ionisation tank: Final polish to achieve 100% purified water

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