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Pure Water Window Cleaning

Crystal Clean Solutions are the premiere providers of pure water window cleaning, serving Basingstoke, Reading, Guildford, Farnborough, and the surrounding areas.

CCS have invested in one of the most advanced automated pure water production systems in the UK window cleaning industry, which is also used in laboratories and the nuclear power industry.

Most pure water is measured in parts per million. Our water purity is 0 parts per billion of total dissolved solids (TDS) and 0 µS/cm which is absolute Zero, 1000x times purer than standard pure water ultimately providing more cleaning power.

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Is Pure Water Cleaning Safe?

As the water is pure there is nothing to make it safe. Thankfully our ultra-pure water is free from micro-organisms as it passes through a UV steriliser where the ozone introducing spectrum UV lamp exposes the water flow to intense ultraviolet light inside a high polished stainless-steel housing.

During pure water cleaning, turbulence is introduced to the flow to ensure all bacteria are exposed to the light for a 100% kill rate. This deals with organics in the water and provides two principal benefits; firstly, bacteria such as legionella are completely eliminated and secondly, organic biofilm is inhibited from forming, maintaining day one performance and water quality.

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Pure Water Cleaning Services

Pure Water Cleaning

Producing ultra-pure water, our 9-stage filtration system commences with a water softener initially removing the calcium. Followed by a 1-micron sediment filter trapping particulates then on through the highest grade dustless coconut husk carbon filter with a significantly higher capacity to remove chlorine.

Next is the UV sterilising chamber followed by another sediment filter strategically placed after the UV chamber as its job is to primarily remove ozone but also to trap the bound organics. Filters 6 & 7 are twin high-performance Reverse Osmosis (RO) membranes performing most of the work by mechanically filtering up to 99% of dissolved solids in tap water and flushing them to drain.

The remaining permeate RO water is passed through the 8th DI deionising, aka polishing, filter to achieve superior water quality. Finally, featuring a recirculating system, the water then makes multiple passes through the NG DI vessel – the nuclear grade deioniser polishing the water to a zero parts per billion quality. Speak to one of our team today about the benefits of pure water window cleaning.

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What We Clean

Roof + Render Clean

Prevents build up of moss and other causes of damp and protect your home.

Gutter Clean

Keeps water and moss from building up and causing damage to your house.

Paving Clean

Removes tyre marks, weeds and other build ups to make your paving look as good as new.

Solar Panel Clean

Keeps your solar panels running effectively by removing dirt and other build ups.

Fascia Soffits + Cladding Clean

Removes and prevents mildew and mould build up, keeping your house looking fresh.

Window Clean

Gives your house a fresh look with crystal clean windows and surroundings.

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    Our 5-Step Process

    Our water is purified at our storage premises using the following five-step process:

    1. Water Softener: Removes Calcium
    2. Carbon Filters: Removes Chlorine
    3. Micro Sediment Filter: Removes large waterborne particles
    4. Reverse Osmosis: Produces filtered water up to 98% purity
    5. De-ionisation tank: Final polish to achieve 100% purified water

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