Frequent Questions

Q1. What kind of services do you provide?

At Crystal Clean Solutions we provide an extensive range of services as follows: window cleaning for office and commercial premises, exterior fascia cleaning, roof and gutter cleaning and clearing services, carpet cleaning along with hard floor protection/ maintenance as well as other external surfaces such as drive way, car park, patio and sports surfaces.

Q2. Are your operatives fully trained?

Yes they are. At Crystal Clean Solutions we require all employees to undergo specific and advanced training courses in order to meet our requirements, this enables us to give the customer the best possible results and an impeccable standard of customer service.

Q3. Is your company fully insured?

Crystal Clean Solutions are fully insured for public and employees liability.

Q4. Can you provide references from previous customers?

We are always grateful to receive feedback from our customers, we have numerous credible references from our clients and more can be provided if necessary. Please view our testimonials page for our client reviews.

Q5. Will I have the same cleaning operatives each visit?

At Crystal Clean Solutions we have a very respectable work force behind us, we aim to keep faces familiar where we can, however you may see different operatives when covering for holiday and sickness.

Q6. What if I am not satisfied with your clean?

At Crystal Clean Solutions we endeavour to pride ourselves with a quality of work that we strive to keep no less than impeccable. However, should you feel unsatisfied you can contact one of our friendly office team members and we will aim to rectify any complaints as quickly as possible to ensure your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Q7. How much do you charge per hour?

We have no set hourly rate as every job is different and pricing will vary dependant upon the works required, one of our representatives will asses the job and provide a free written quotation. If you are interested in booking a free quote please contact us via email or phone.

Q8. Will you provide the cleaning materials and equipment?

At Crystal Clean Solutions we have access to an extensive inventory of the best and most up to date equipment in the industry today. We provide all equipment, materials and chemicals necessary for the works required therefore you don’t have to worry about any hidden charges.

Q9. Do you clean before or after working hours?

This question is job specific, the majority of our window cleaning and our other cleaning services are carried out from early mornings and during office hours. Specific jobs may also be carried out during the weekend, for example high traffic areas (for the safety to both the public and our staff).

Q10. Can I specify the days for the cleaning?

We will always do our best to work around our customers, however we cannot always allocate specific time slots due to high demand.

Q11. Do you do domestic window cleaning?

When it comes to window cleaning we are predominantly commercial however, we do provide other residential services such as roof, gutter, carpet cleaning works and we do accept specific residential window cleaning work.

Q12. What sets Crystal Clean Solutions apart from the many other various cleaning companies out there?

Because we care and we have the knowledge and experience!
We have a great team of highly motivated, dedicated and regularly trained staff, all of whom work to the highest level of standards in various types of specialist cleaning . We are always striving to achieve the best results with new technology utilising the most up to date equipment.

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      Our 5-Step Process

      Our water is purified at our storage premises using the following five-step process:

      1. Water Softener: Removes Calcium
      2. Carbon Filters: Removes Chlorine
      3. Micro Sediment Filter: Removes large waterborne particles
      4. Reverse Osmosis: Produces filtered water up to 98% purity
      5. De-ionisation tank: Final polish to achieve 100% purified water