Commercial Roof Cleaning

At Crystal Clean Solutions, our team provide commercial roof cleaning services for clients throughout Basingstoke, Reading, Guildford, Farnborough and the surrounding areas.

Your building’s exterior is the first thing anyone sees when they arrive at your property and is vital to making a strong first impression. Over time your roof will build up an abundance of dirt, algae and moss, which can be a particular problem in the UK’s damp climate. This not only looks unsightly to visitors, but if left too long and untreated becomes destructive, breaking down roofing materials, causing leaks, and can lead to very costly repair fees.

Our roof cleaning services significantly improves the look of your roof to a like new condition. Utilising our revolutionary SoftWashing system eliminates the requirement of aggressive cleaning methods that strip the protective surfaces of the roofing material significantly reducing its lifespan.

Our team have the training, expertise and are equipped with state of the art cleaning technology to rejuvenate and preserve the natural colour and condition of any roof and further inhibiting organic re-growth avoiding further potential damage.

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Roof Cleaning before and after
Roof cleaning

Commercial Roof Cleaning Services

Our PASMA trained and certificated technicians can access the roofline from gutter level or in certain cases from the ground removing any risk of damage from walking on your roof and most importantly minimising risk to Health & Safety. For hard to reach and higher roofs our operatives are IPAF licensed to use the necessary machinery required.

Using the same SoftWash technology and label-compliant HSE-approved products, our teams can treat any surface. Rendered surfaces often develop red, black, and green staining caused by the colonization of Biofilm but not just limited to rendering, all outside masonry surfaces can be cleaned and treated including brick, heritage stone, and used as a wood preservative.

If you are interested in our commercial roof cleaning services, please do not hesitate to get in touch using the form below.

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Roof cleaning

Roof Tile Cleaning Services

Flat roofs are very susceptible to damage and leaks caused from organic matter eating away at roofing materials especially around the seals, joins and corners. Not only that, algae become particularly slippery enhancing levels of risk to slip and trip hazards when maintenance is to be carried out. Cleaning and periodic treatment minimises this risk whilst protecting and further restoring the roofs’ natural appearance.

CCS operatives are trained in working at heights including using Mansafe fall arrest systems. Safe and effective cleaning methods along with our SoftWashing technology restores your surfaces to a like new condition and inhibits regrowth of harmful Biofilm microorganisms.

Take advantage of our maintenance programme which provides regular periodic SoftWash applications, eliminating the requirement of aggressive cleaning methods, keeping your property perpetually clean and looking like new with our reliable commercial roof cleaning services..

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    Our 5-Step Process

    Our water is purified at our storage premises using the following five-step process:

    1. Water Softener: Removes Calcium
    2. Carbon Filters: Removes Chlorine
    3. Micro Sediment Filter: Removes large waterborne particles
    4. Reverse Osmosis: Produces filtered water up to 98% purity
    5. De-ionisation tank: Final polish to achieve 100% purified water

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