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Crystal Clean Solutions strive for perfection in every job we undertake. We are proud to be one of the leading car park, path and patio cleaning companies in the surrounding areas of Basingstoke, Reading, Guildford, Farnborough and throughout the South of England.

Undergoing regular training, our team uses state of the art cleaning technology and professional-grade label compliant products that remain superior to any other on the market, to provide a deep clean that will sanitise the area and leave your car park, paths and patios looking better than ever before.

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Car Park

One of the leading

Car Park Cleaning Companies

Car parks are the first thing customers and staff will see when arriving on your premises. Overgrown weeds, moss and dirt, makes for a very negative first impression of your business. Crystal Clean Solutions offers professional car park cleaning. Our deep cleaning process revives old, worn looking areas rejuvenating the once tired-looking appearance of any surface.

Removing deep-seated organic spores created by microorganisms such as algae, moss, fungi and lichen. If left unattended these microorganisms not only look unsightly but can cause damage and shorten the lifespan of your surfaces by decomposing and breaking down the material substrate.

Where necessary, our team can refurbish sunken and broken paving, repair cracks in concrete and imprinted concrete, restore and replace blown jointing, repair potholes and cracks in tarmac/asphalt, and apply protective sealing. Colour tints to restore the original colour, or coated resins to completely custom change the colour can be incorporated along with an anti-slip additive if required.

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One of the leading

Paving Cleaning Companies

Our protective sealers come in natural matt, silk or gloss wet look enhancing the natural colouring to any surface and for a complete transformation our Nano technology polymer based coatings are available in various colours – providing superior long lasting surface protection with many added benefits totally reviving or even renovating your car parks, paths and patios.

Break the cycle of messy and aggressive pressure washing. Ask us about our Protect Maintenance Programme using preventative treatment technology which deters and controls biological growth with long-term protection built-in, so your car park, path and patio surfaces stay perpetually cleaner, for longer and looking like new.

Our preventative treatment can be used on any surface therefore ideal for infested areas of biological colonisations, also supreme as a wood preservative for surrounding fencing or decking areas.

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    Our 5-Step Process

    Our water is purified at our storage premises using the following five-step process:

    1. Water Softener: Removes Calcium
    2. Carbon Filters: Removes Chlorine
    3. Micro Sediment Filter: Removes large waterborne particles
    4. Reverse Osmosis: Produces filtered water up to 98% purity
    5. De-ionisation tank: Final polish to achieve 100% purified water

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